The center piece, the server. This machine does all the recording of all tv shows, with it’s two Dvico capture cards.  I have 1TB of storage space allocated to recordings.  But this space will fit over 12 months of recording due to it’s after recording compression and advert removal.

This means the only tv wall point in the house is in my study, which saves the need for antenna spilters or amplifiers.  I also get the best of signal as there is only one device connected to this antenna.

This isn’t the only thing this machine does, as it’s on 24/7, it also hosts this website and others.  I also use it as a filesystem server as it has another 4TB worth of storage in it for downloaded media, exported tv shows, family photos, documents and etc.

That means everything else on the tv’s can be off all the time, except during playback, so this then saves power also.

I have been using MythTV since 2005 and find it to be the most stable and reliable available.  The picture quality is excellent and the interface is very easy to use.

This server is my second built for MythTV and I regularly get uptime’s of 3 months continually running, with no reboots / shutdowns / or crashes.  Something I’m sure most computers users wouldn’t believe.