I charge $66.66 for the first half an hour and $33.33 per half an hour thereafter.  Please note, 35 minutes will be taken as an hour but if that is the case I will normally fill the whole hour helping you so that you get value for money.  I also dislike holding on to gold coins so I will round down to the nearest note.

½ Hour $65
1 Hour $100
1 ½ Hours $130
2 Hours $165
2 ½ Hours $200
3 Hours $230

I been serving the community since 2005 with my affordable service, and plan to continue doing so into the future.

I have a small range of cables available for sale in case cables are required.  Depending on the cable the price can range between $20 to $75 per cable.  I ensure my prices are competitive and am normally well below the shelf price of certain electrical component retailers.