You may notice on the back on the monitor.


It’s another computer the same as  the lounge room, it’s just got a smaller monitor screen, and only stereo speakers.

I said in the lounge room post that it is easy to use, well my 4 year old daughter has this system down pat.

What makes this system handy in my

home is that its got a cheap computer monitor on it so that the hours my kids watch the same cartoons over and over aren’t using plasma hours on my good tv.

This system means I’ve only needed to run network cabling to my TV’s instead of antenna coax. This also means higher quality signal at the single antenna point I have got.

Update 17th  May 2011: New monitor installed, it’s a bit bigger and has DVI for a better picture. It also gave me the ability to attach the PC to the back of the monitor, keeping a clean and well presented look.